Bell Block Bus Stopped by the Bus Stop

In a series of events not seen since a film called Carry On – The Buses….. a Bell Block Bus has caused thousands of dollars of damage to the Bus and the posh Parklands Avenue Bus Shelter in Bell Block directly outside the Parklands Avenue Shopping Centre. The shelter has been hit with some force with extensive damage done. The New Plymouth District Council is now waiting on a Engineers Report to work out the way forward. It is unknown if the driver had been drinking or on drugs while on duty.

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Big Wednesday Draw No: 429 8th January 2014



DRAW date:

08 Jan 2014

  • 08
  • 16
  • 20
  • 25
  • 35
  • 40

Coin Toss:Tails

Draw 429 Date: 08 January 2014

Latest Major Prize Winners

Division Winning Numbers Correct Heads or Tails Prize Value No. Of Winners
Division 1 6 Yes JACKPOT! 0
Division 2 6 JACKPOT! 0
Division 3 5 $936 46
Division 4 4 $19 2392
Division 5 3 Yes $12 21745
Division 6 3 Bonus Ticket! 22158

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Bell Block road crash inevitable – Letter to the Editor

Monday 06/01/2014 Letter to the Editor – The Taranaki Daily News Newspaper

Bell Block was my home and schooling as a young person and although I now reside in South Taranaki, my daily travel often leads me to travel my old stomping ground roads. The closing of the passing lanes is a dangerous and potentially life- threatening accident waiting to happen. Good, the speed limit is lowered, but also the reverse should have been considered – the extended linking of the new Bell Block bypass roading system to these lanes in question, and widening and linking to Waitara. If a fatality happens in the present situation, unlike in Christchurch or other New Zealand engineering fiascos, we will know which council and roading change individual to lay a lawsuit, or manslaughter charge, against. Let’s hope, if someone is killed because of this stupid decision, it is one of their family, as often this is the only way to get through over bureaucratic decisions like this. It’s sad but if left as at present the chance of an accident occurring has been increased considerably, and I believe it is inevitable.To the people responsible, don’t start 2014 with heartache and ”what ifs” – reverse this decision immediately and go back to the drawing board so we can all have a happier new year. LINDSAY MAINDONALD, Eltham, South Taranaki.

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Call for patience over Bell Block road safety measures

Motorists are being told to stay patient about temporary measures put in place to make State Highway 3, north of New Plymouth, safer. The speed on the stretch of SH3, between Mangati Rd in Bell Block and Mahoetahi Rd, near Brixton, was reduced to 80kmh and two passing lanes along the route were shut in December 2013. The New Zealand Transport Agency and police made the decision to put the temporary changes in place in an attempt to make the killer stretch of highway safer. However the removal of the passing lanes has been widely criticised by motorists who say it’s made the highway less safe. Concerns raised include a lack of room for heavy vehicles, no where to pass slow moving traffic and no cycle lanes. Feedback on the changes should be sent to by email or mailed to NZ Transport Agency, PO Box 1947, Palmerston North 4440 and should be headed “Speed Limit North of New Plymouth”.

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Bell Block Feral Youth can spell with Tagging

Just when you thought some of the feral youth in Bell Block have no hope we can prove that at least when this feral youth element do tag, they tag with perfect spelling. This time around they tagged both dugouts at the Bell Block Softball Club ground on Hickford Park, Bell Block. We promptly contacted the New Plymouth District Council who were getting straight onto their contractor to remove these correctly spelt words of the Queens English.

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Hurricane Kickboxing Academy in Bell Block opens Feb 2014

As one door closes (Bell Block Box Office Boxing Club), another one open’s or so the saying goes…. it is just 5 weeks today until the launch of the Hurricane Kickboxing Academy in Bell Block. The first week will be a free trial week so the Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th February 2014 will be free for all to try. If you are interested for either yourself or your children or both, email your name and age for children to: to book your place, or text: 021 121707.

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Could Bell Block have it’s own Art/Craft Night?

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Bell Block Cricket Fan’s see Central District’s 20/20 game Abandoned

It’s been a tough few weeks for both Bell Block cricket fans and the Devon Hotel Central Stags Twenty/20 Cricket team as bad weather in New Plymouth over the last 10 days has ruined any chance of the Stag’s turning their wooden spoon run around. Today’s (Tuesday 7th January 2014) HRV Cup match against the Canterbury Wizards was Abandoned without one ball being bowled due to wet weather. We next get to see the Devon Hotel Central Stags back in action at New Plymouth’s Pukekura Park in a Ford Trophy One Day match on the 16th March 2014 against the Canterbury Wizards.

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Bell Block’s Big Box Office Boxing Club has now moved to NP

Today, Monday 6th January 2014 sees the opening in New Plymouth of what was Bell Block’s Big Box Office Boxing Club.We and the people of Bell Block wish them every success in their new venture in New Plymouth.

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Bell Block Cricket Fans witness a Wooden Spoon Team

Otago’s twenty20 top order complemented the restrictive work of their bowlers to secure a seven-wicket victory against The Devon Hotel Central Districts Stags at Pukekura Park. After losing the toss, Otago’s attack struck frequent blows and controlled the run rate to reduce Central Districts to 28 for 4 in the seventh over. Kieran Noema-Barnett propped up the innings with 52 and Doug Bracewell contributed 35 off 20, but they were the only batsmen to make it past 20. Jacob Duffy took 3 for 29 for Otago, while James McMillian and Jimmy Neesham took two each to keep Central Districts to 147 for 9. Otago lost Neil Broom early in the chase but Aaron Redmond made 32 off 18 balls and Ryan ten Doeschate scored an unbeaten 50 off 32 to seal victory with 15 deliveries to spare. The loss leaves the Devon Hotel Central Districts twenty20 winless and holding the wooden spoon.

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Bell Block’s John Wheeler Trains another Winner

John Wheeler, Bell Block’s Leading Horse Trainer won another race today, Sunday 5th January at the Otaki Maori Race Meeting in Otaki. The winning horse Diamantine is owned by John and Linda Wheeler.

Race 7 – 16:09 – THE DOMINION POST MAIDEN 1400 m

Stake: $7,000 Track: SLOW7 Weather: CLOUDY
# Name Jockey/Driver/Trainer Win Place
13 Diamantine Rory Hutchings (a) 4.00 1.60
7 Elroi Kelly Myers 1.80
10 Crackling Rosie Brett Murray (a4) 1.50
Bet Type Runners Dividend
Quinella 7, 13 10.40
Trifecta 13:7:10 40.80
First4 13:7:10:15 220.20
Double 6/13 33.60
DBL concession 6/7 27.50
Treble 1/6/13 266.70
Quaddie 6/1/6/13 2562.70
Place6 1, 7/3, 6, 7/2, 6/1, 3/6, 7, 9/7, 10, 13 30.70

15-Zafrenzy-Johnathon Parkes(5L),
17-Guarantor-Jonathan Riddell(6.8L),
1-Scarred-Lisa Whelan (a1)(8.8L),
16-Centre Cross-Thomas Russell(15.6L),
18-Buddy Broke-Kane Smith(20.9L),
6-Doncrest-Darryl Bradley(27.4L).
Note: Numbers shown are the distance from winner in lengths.
Winning Margins: 1/2 hd, 4-3/4L, Nse
Owners: J R Wheeler MNZM & Mrs L M Wheeler
Trainer: John Wheeler, New Plymouth
Breeding: 3 f Eighth Wonder-Sahrhy’s Jewel

Scratched: 2-Via Dolorosa, 3-Wilder, 4-High Tec, 5-Stowaway, 8-National Pride, 9-Nova Eight, 11-Ought To Be Bad, 12-Waikaha, 14-Twoznotenough, 19-Corbyn, 20-Talk To Me.
LATE Scratchings: 4-High Tec.

SUB: 10
Winners Time: 1:26.11

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Lotto Results Draw 1387 from 4th Jan 2014



DRAW date:

04 Jan 2014

BonusPower BallStrike

This week’s Winning Wheel serial number(s) 046-14466575-20xx from Lower Hutt

This Draw’s Winners
Winning Numbers Bonus Ball Prize No. of Winners
Division 1 6 $500,000 2
Division 2 5 Yes $20,899 14
Division 3 5 $634 480
Division 4 4 Yes $54 1335
Division 5 4 $34 18328
Division 6 3 Yes $23 26580
Total Lotto Prizes: $2,903,488
This Week’s Winning Wheel

Winner from Hastings


Winning Numbers Bonus Ball PowerBall Prize No. of Winners
Division 1 6 Yes JACKPOT! 0
Division 2 5 Yes Yes $0 0
Division 3 5 Yes $2,814 31
Division 4 4 Yes Yes $122 96
Division 5 4 Yes $67 1359
Division 6 3 Yes Yes $47 1878
Total Powerball Prizes: $278,265


Winning Numbers Prize No. of Winners
Strike 4 Exact order all 4 JACKPOT! 0
Strike 3 Exact order any 3 $858 99
Strike 2 Exact order any 2 $83 5679
Strike 1 Exact order any 1 Bonus Line 146329
Total Strike Prizes: $702,628

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Bell Block Cricket Fans-The Game is on

Latest news on the Twenty20 cricket: The Devon Hotel Central Stags vs Otago Volts match at Pukekura Park will start as planned at 4pm, today 05th January 2014. See you there!

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Bell Block Resident’s – Letter to the Editor – Taranaki Daily Newspaper

We own the poultry farm at the top of the hill of the northern passing lane which has been closed recently. Access to our property has always been adequate for the larger trucks that are required to make frequent visits. We personally have ensured that the access is as good as possible by maintaining a wide entrance. With the recent closure of the passing lane we now have a situation where these trucks have to stop traffic in the northbound lane whilst they wait for the opportunity to cross the southbound lane and enter our driveway. Obviously the other option they have is to approach the property from the southbound lane, which a number of the drivers choose to do already (and have done for a long period of time). The problem with this is that the trucks have to veer out over the northbound lane to make the left turn into the property. This is made much more dangerous by the fact that the northbound traffic is now all confined to what used to be the passing lane. I fear that the changes that are being proposed and have already been implemented as a temporary measure are only going to make the road even more dangerous than it already is. I support the reduction in the speed limit and believe this should be applied for the entire stretch of the road between New Plymouth and Waitara, but believe the removal of the passing lanes is simply spiteful. The result of the closure of the passing lanes, I fear, is going to make the Brixton passing lanes a race track, once frustrated drivers unleash. Richmond Rd intersection (which is already dangerous enough) is simply going to be lethal, not to mention Raleigh Street or Waitara Rd. People will simply treat a median strip to close the passing lanes as a passing lane substitute (unless traffic islands are used). Also a median strip/traffic islands will mean the lanes are going to be out of alignment with the bridge, and cars will start to hit the bridge due to inattention. Simply said, we live in a province that has been and continues to be starved of funding; this is despite our contribution to the nation. This road simply needs to be a dual carriageway and until this is done the various issues aren’t going to go away; each Band-Aid will simply move the problem elsewhere.


Bell Block

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Bell Block’s Santa’s Choice Christmas Shop – See you next Christmas

Today, Thursday 2nd January 2014 sees the Christmas selling season come to a close for this year for the ever popular Santa’s Choice Christmas Shop on Egmont Road, Bell Block. This is the 2nd season for Alison Jarvis, the current owner, who now has the task of visting Trade Shows thoughout the coming months and then re-stock the store with all the latest colour’s and trends for Christmas 2014. Alison and her elves have brought much joy and happiness to the life’s of many children and the young at heart when they visit her beautiful store.

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Big Wednesday Results – Draw 428 1st Jan 2014



DRAW date:

01 Jan 2014

  • 04
  • 18
  • 36
  • 38
  • 39
  • 42

Coin Toss:Heads

Draw 428 Date: 01 January 2014

Latest Major Prize Winners

Division Winning Numbers Correct Heads or Tails Prize Value No. Of Winners
Division 1 6 Yes JACKPOT! 0
Division 2 6 JACKPOT! 0
Division 3 5 $1,127 45
Division 4 4 $21 2619
Division 5 3 Yes $12 25209
Division 6 3 Bonus Ticket! 24908

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Devon Hotel Cental Districts Stag’s lose again

The first HRV Twenty20 of 2014 delivered a happy new year to the Wellington Firebirds as they kept the Devon Hotel Central Stags on their HRV Twenty20 duck at New Plymouth’s Pukekura Park this evening, Wednesday 1st January 2014. A heavy downpour had earlier made a game seem unlikely, however, with a latest possible start time of 6.40pm and snappy work from ground staff a six-over game was underway in the nick of time – resulting in an entertaining display of urgent big hitting.The Devon Hotel Stags will now hunt that elusive first win against the top-of-the-table Otago Volts at the same ground on 5 January.

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Bell Block Smokers Hit Were It Hurts

Bell Block Smokers beware……A packet of cigarettes goes up in price again today, Wednesday the 1st January 2014. A tax increase of 10 per cent is part of an initiative which sees tobacco go up in price every January until 2016. It’s part of the government plan to stamp out smoking. Dr Jan Pearson of the Cancer Society says price increases have proven to be the best way to encourage smokers to stop. “Initially when we had tax increases people often cut down on the numbers they were smoking, but as the price increases then they seriously think about quitting more often.” The average packet-a-day smoker spends $7000 a year on cigarettes. Dr Pearson says aside from health reasons stopping smoking has other benefits. “One way of increasing amount of money in a household is quitting smoking, it’s also a great way of setting an example for children and other family members.” In the photo below we caught up with Kalvin Singh from Big Basket Wholesale Food Mart in Bell Block who is keeping all his old stock at the old price until the new stock replaces them.

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$20,000.00 Bell Block Lotto Winner in Hiding

Lucky Lotto winners who bought their tickets in Bell Block and Taranaki appear to be in no rush to claim their winnings. When the final ball dropped in Saturday night’s 28th December 2013 special draw the region had scooped seven big prizes. But so far none have fronted up to collect their cash. Westown Lotto sold the top prize of $1 million, Opunake’s Post and Lotto sold a winning second division ticket worth $14,763, while another promotional ticket worth $20,000 was sold at Parklands Super Value, Bell Block. Devon Lotto N Treats, Countdown in Spotswood, New World in Stratford and Loveridge’s Lotto in Hawera each sold winning promotional tickets worth $10,000. Bell Block’s Parkland’s Super Value Supermarket Employee, Mrs Keryn Harris said they had been waiting every day since Sunday morning. “They have been holding us in suspense.” “People have been very busy checking tickets.” Anyone who bought a ticket from any of the above winning stores should write their name on the back and check it immediately.

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Bell Block’s 2014 New Years Eve – Police are ready

Bell Block’s New Year’s Eve partygoers aren’t the only ones making plans for their big night out – police have come up with one of their own. Police have their approach centred around prevention, with extra staff on hand to defuse any trouble at known party spots around the region and Bell Block.


Oakura Beach – starts 2pm today and ends at 2am on January 1.

Urenui Beach – starts at 6am today and ends at 6am on January 1.

From Mt Bryan to East End and Fitzroy beach reserves – starts 9pm and ends at 7am on January 1.

-Also runs every week from Thursday to Sunday 9pm-7am until April 1.

Pukekura Park – alcohol only allowed within immediate areas around the Hatchery Lawn and Fred Parker Lawn during the TSB Bank Festival of Lights On Stage entertainment sessions.

New Plymouth – permanent liquor ban in force in CBD, including Marsland Hill and the Taranaki Cathedral grounds.

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