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DRAW date:

27 Nov 2013

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Coin Toss:Heads

Draw 423 Date: 27 November 2013

Latest Major Prize Winners

Division Winning Numbers Correct Heads or Tails Prize Value No. Of Winners
Division 1 6 Yes JACKPOT! 0
Division 2 6 - JACKPOT! 0
Division 3 5 - $1,477 32
Division 4 4 - $21 2450
Division 5 3 Yes $12 24045
Division 6 3 - Bonus Ticket! 23577

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Get your Lions Christmas Cakes and Hampers Now!!

It really is Christmas Hampers and Cakes time again! Bell Block & District’s Lions Club Christmas Cakes are still made to the original recipe that was developed by Ernest Adams specially for the fundraiser. The packaging has been freshened up, but nothing else has changed. Millions of dollars have been raised over the years – and it has all gone back to the clubs and the community projects they support. “We are out to get a quality product, specified in the Lions name and all proceeds go to charity. The clubs decide what charity they are going to support from the proceeds,” Lion Barrie Stening says. If you would like to place orders for yourself, your business or office, please make contact with Barrie Stening Phone: (06) 757-8890 or email: Cakes are $16 and Hampers $42 each

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Christmas Carols at St Lukes Church – A great night

Bell Block’s St Luke’s Church at 2 Mangati Road was the place to be on Sunday the 1st December 2013. The large crowd enjoyed a Pot Luck Finger Food Meal, then at 7pm a Roof Raising Christmas Carol Service was held by The New Plymouth City Sounds Choir, and the exciting New Plymouth Samoan Church Choir. An enjoyable few hours was had by all who attended. A great way to start Bell Block’s Festive celebrations for 2013.

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Bell Block Residents Flood Food bank with Food

No less than 25 people, 3 Police Cars and 4 Trucks took 2 and a half hours to drive past every home in Bell Block and collect a tin of food, plastic shopping bag’s full of food, and in some cases box’s of food and even cash on Monday Evening 2nd December 2013. Many resident’s were waiting at the front gates with their donation. Each year, more and more people are donating some spare food, with a marked increase from some of the newer homes in Bell Block!!Well done to the Police, Bell Block & District’s Lions Club, Mainfreight and Bell Block’s Super-Value Supermarket.

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Santa’s Shop appears at the Christmas Parade

The Santa Shop took part in the Annual Egmont Lions Christmas Parade on Saturday 30th November 2013. Their company car and a Hookers Truck were their float. The Santa Shop is based on Egmont Road, don’t miss visiting it this Christmas. It is very impressive.

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Bell Block’s Cherish Childcare Brighton up Christmas Parade

Saturday 30th November 2013 saw the Bell Block based Cherish Childcare enter one of the more colorful floats at the Egmont Lions Christmas Parade in front of thousands of Children and Adults. Held in overcast conditions, everyone was just pleased to see the event being held after the heavy rain leading up to this evenings event.

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Bell Block School – Colorful float at Christmas Parade

Bell Block School presented their colorful float at the Egmont Lions Christmas parade on Saturday, held in overcast conditions. Their float was to promote their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream coat. Thanks to Carters to providing the Truck for the 30 odd children and Adults to sit on.

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Age No Barrier to Taking Part in Christmas Parade

Just to prove that age is no barrier to taking part in the Annual Egmont Lions Christmas Parade, Bell Block’s Madia Vale Retirement Village stole the show at the New Plymouth Christmas Parade on Saturday 30th November 2013. Four of the residents were on their 4 wheel scooters, dressed up as Reindeer. A support car drove behind with signage on, to advise us where they are from.

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Spam attack hits YahooXtra customers

YahooXtra customers have been hit with another wave of spam attacks, forcing Telecom to lock down users’ email accounts. It’s unknown how many are affected, but an attack in February compromised around 87,000 accounts.Telecom spokesman Richard Llewellyn says customers will be locked out until they change their password. “If Yahoo identifies an account as having been compromised, they will block the account until the customer resets their password.”

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Bell Block’s Foodbank Collection

Monday the 2nd December 2013 sees the annual Foodbank Collection throughout Bell Block. Starting at 5.30pm from the Bell Block Cenotaph, Listen out for the Police Car Sirens, as the collectors walk past your front gate. Please consider donating a can or 2 of food, even pet food for pet’s. This year the Bell Block and District’s Lion’s Club Manpower will be increased by the owners of The Bell Block Supa-value Supermarket Van and staff. Everyone deserves a good Christmas……So please give generously!!

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HELP needed for Community Christmas Dinner

Christmas Day is fast approaching, and the ever popular Community Christmas Dinner held at the St Josephs Hall in New Plymouth are needing helpers once again to make this key event the usual success it is. For a great experence consider joining their team. Applications now taken……Phone Carol on (06) 758-7586

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3 People hit Lotto Jackpot



DRAW date:

30 Nov 2013

Previous Draws

LOGOBonusPower BallStrike

This week’s Winning Wheel serial number(s) 015-45179416-20xx from Whangarei

This Draw’s Winners
Winning Numbers Bonus Ball Prize No. of Winners
Division 1 6 - $666,667 3
Division 2 5 Yes $8,318 31
Division 3 5 - $567 473
Division 4 4 Yes $40 1584
Division 5 4 - $31 17522
Division 6 3 Yes $20 26143
Total Lotto Prizes: $3,655,452
This Week’s Winning Wheel

Winner from Auckland


Winning Numbers Bonus Ball PowerBall Prize No. of Winners
Division 1 6 - Yes JACKPOT! 0
Division 2 5 Yes Yes $17,715 2
Division 3 5 - Yes $1,012 35
Division 4 4 Yes Yes $71 135
Division 5 4 - Yes $59 1251
Division 6 3 Yes Yes $37 1953
Total Powerball Prizes: $226,505


Winning Numbers Prize No. of Winners
Strike 4 Exact order all 4 $146,475 1
Strike 3 Exact order any 3 $799 85
Strike 2 Exact order any 2 $78 4856
Strike 1 Exact order any 1 Bonus Line 120754
Total Strike Prizes: $713,912

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Bell Block Resident sick of Government Interference

Bell Block resident and prominent Taranaki health representative says Government interference has made her job impossible. Taranaki District Health Board member Colleen Tuuta fired a departing shot on Thursday 28th November 2013, saying it was the most frustrating governance situation she had ever been in.There was a lot of interference, mainly from the Government, which made the job frustrating, she said. The model needed to be looked at, reviewed and given a makeover. “Something is not working. This model is not working. We can build new hospitals, but not make people well,” she said. The next board is sworn in on December 9 and meets for the first time on December 1st 2013

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Egmont Lions Christmas Parade

Join us as the Egmont Lions Christmas Parade rolls down Devon Street on Saturday November 30th from 6pm! Bring the kids and get into the Christmas spirit – be early to nab yourself a great spot! The parade leaves from the Clock Tower and will make its way down Devon Street, finishing at the Devon/Elliot Street intersection, with local community groups, sports teams, cultural groups and businesses all taking part… plus the guest of honour, Santa! To enter YOUR float into the parade – email or pick up an entry form from Classic Hits Reception on Brougham Street, New Plymouth

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Bird Strike Risk – Action Needed

A cull is under way to lower the risk of “bird strike” at Bell Block based New Plymouth airport. Airport manager Kevin Hill said the programme was being carried out because the facility had been assessed as a medium risk of bird strike and Civil Aviation Authority had told them to lower that risk. There were 6.8 bird strikes per 10,000 aircraft movements at the airport in the second quarter of this year. But Mr Hill said airports and birds simply don’t mix. “We certainly don’t want a plane going into a flock of sparrows and bringing the plane down with 50 people on board.” “I like a nice green airport, so we have lots of trees, and trees attract birds. Do you get rid of all the trees and have a big concrete jungle just to reduce the birds? Or do you try and have a combination of both?”

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Airspresso Airport Cafe Extends Hours

Bell Block’s super popular Airspresso Airport Cafe has now Extended it’s opening Hours and will now be open for a full cooked breakfast from 5.30am Monday to Saturday and from 6am Sunday’s. Based at the New Plymouth Airport in Bell Block, this cafe has won a number of awards and is set to expand even more once the Airport extension gets under way in the coming years.

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Bell Block Market Day – Don’t miss it!!

Bell Block Community Market Day, 9am Tomorrow, Saturday 30th November 2013!!!! is being held at St Luke’s Church on the corner of Devon Road and Mangati Road. Many stalls booked including bouncy castle, face painting, cake stall, BBQ burgers, bacon and egg, fried bread, chop suey, lollies, cake stall, bouncy castle, 2nd hand clothes, baby gear, jewellery, preloved toys, inflatables, 2nd hand books, coffee cart, ice cream, natural beauty products, bric a brac, cake decorating, seafood chowder, Avon, new children’s toys at sale prices, sweets, popcorn, fudge and so much more…see you there!

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Big Wednesday’s Lotto Results

DRAW date:
27 Nov 2013

03 09 14 15 32 45

Coin Toss: Heads

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Set-Net Ban Extended

An extended set-net fishing ban off the coast of Taranaki to protect Maui’s dolphins has been confirmed by the Government today, Tuesday 26th November 2013. The ban will cover 350 square kilometres off the Taranaki coast between two and seven nautical miles offshore north of New Plymouth. It was part of the Threat Management Plan for Maui’s dolphin which was finalised by Conservation Minister Nick Smith on Monday 25th November 2013. Their greatest concern is for the critically-endangered Maui’s dolphin. It is the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin with an estimated population of just 55 adults. The plan also includes confirmation of the interim set net ban out to two nautical miles between Pariokariwa Point and Hawera and mandatory observer coverage in the area between two and seven nautical miles which was put in place in 2012.

Maui Dolphin Taranaki

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Police show off New Police Cars

Police launch new red and orange patrol cars as new road safety tools are announced in a campaign to save more lives, putting the brakes on speeding, drunk and dangerous drivers over summer 2013/2014.

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