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Bell Block Softball

Our senior Men’s Bell Block Softball team played out an exciting draw at Bell Block over the weekend. In a close game they had to make a great comeback to get into the lead against New Plymouth Boys High. Bell Block led by 4 runs going into the final innings. In their final turn at bat Boys High scored 4 runs, and with the last swing of the game managed only to hit a fly ball that was caught.

In the women’s division Bell Block had 2 comfortable wins. Our Allstars won over Spotswood United 17-8 while the Bustas dealt to New Plymouth Girls High School 24-8.

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Americarna is back

Chrysler Newport Sedan
Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. 

Bell Block residents will again be able to enjoy Americarna after a year away. It is a very popular carnival that celebrates Classic American Cars. They will visit Bell Block when they visit New Plymouth Airport, where a private aircraft demonstration exclusive to Americarna entrants has been arranged. Four lucky Americarna participants will be take flight in a Yak52 over New Plymouth.

Where you can see them!

Wednesday: Cars will be in Waitara from 12.30pm while reggae band Soulovus play in McLean St. About 3.30pm, the convoy will move off to spend the afternoon in Inglewood.

Thursday: The Opunake Beach cruise leaves from the racecourse at 10am travelling down Surf Highway 45. Mark Williams and Glen Shorrock concert at TSB Stadium at 6.30pm.

Friday: Americarna heads to Stratford then Hawera and the TSB Hub for Gymcarna before returning to New Plymouth via Mangorei Rd for the Friday Night Cruise around the city centre.

Saturday: Country Fair Day at Pukekura Raceway, 10am-4pm.

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Coastal Walkway it is!

Bell Block Coastal Walkway

Bell Block people will not be surprised by the New Plymouth District Council decision to announce a name for the Coastal Walkway. The walkway stretches from New Plymouth to Bell Block. After submissions and consultation with the public, they have decided to stick with the name ‘Coastal Walkway’. Other suggested names for the walkway included Coastal Pathway, Ocean Walk, Coastal Trail, Ara Takutai and Coastal Way.

It was a suggested a name change might be required to indicate that the walkway is for many people including cyclists, rollerbladers, dog walkers, and joggers. However signs will be put up to try and make sure people are considerate of other users of the walkway.

The Coastal Walkway was once used for part of an International Triathlon Series event held in New Plymouth.

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Orca’s spotted at Bell Block

Orca’s or Killer Whales as they are commonly referred to, were spotted off the Bell Block Coast recently. Orca’s come close to shore to hunt Stingrays which are common on the Taranaki coastline. These Orca’s may look pretty scary, but they won’t cause a problem for people swimming, kayaking or swimming. These ‘Killer Whales’ are actually dolphins and are well known for their incredible teamwork when hunting. Female orca’s usually live to about 50 years but can live as long as 80-90 years. They are an impressive site and if anyone catches a photo of them off the Taranaki coast, send it in to us at

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Bell Block Fire

Emergency services were called to a house fire at 4 Meade Place in Bell Block on Sunday Morning 05/02/2012.
Senior station officer Nick Burke said three trucks and 12 men were called to the blaze which started about 8am.
“Basically when we arrived it was well involved,” he said.
Mr Burke said the woman and two children has escaped with out any major injuries.
“They might have suffered a bit of smoke inhalation and slight burning to their feet,” he said.
The fire has destroyed half of the Bell Block house structurally, while the other half is smoke damaged, Mr Burke said.
Witness’s said the neighbour was carrying out a lady.
“They heard a big bang which made them jump and the window went pop, then the two boy’s came running out.”
After making sure everyone was safe, The Witness’s watched the house burn.
“There was lots of popping and the flames were massive.”
Fire safety officers and Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

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