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Tsunami may arrive before alert: report

A large tsunami generated by an earthquake very close to New Zealand would hit Bell Block Beach and other beaches around New Zealand before sirens activated, according to a report which also warns New Zealanders they will experience a tsunami in their lifetime. The report prepared by GNS Science for the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management finds that the risk of a tsunami generated close to New Zealand is higher than previously thought. “The earthquake may be your only warning,” Graham Leonard of GNS Science said. People should head for higher ground if they are at the coast and feel a strong earthquake or a weak earthquake that lasts for a minute or more.

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Bell Block has Gone to Digital TV

On Sunday 30th September 2013 television in Bell Block and the lower North Island went digital and most people in the community were ready for it. For more help go to:


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Daylight saving begins

t’s an event some tired parents of Bell Block’s young children dread but this weekend daylight saving begins. New Zealanders need to move their clocks forward an hour before bed on Saturday night 29th September 2013 as the country loses an hour when the clocks jump from 2am to 3am on Sunday 29th September 2013. The payoff is an extra hour of daylight in the evening. While some children may be jumping around at 7pm refusing to stay in bed because “it’s still light outside”, on the plus side if your wee one was waking at 5am, its now a sightly more respectable 6am.

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$32m must-be-won Lotto jackpot

Bell Block Punters are hoping it’s third time lucky as Lotto’s Powerball jackpot reaches its $30 million limit and must be won. It is the third time in the jackpot’s history that the prize has reached this threshold. The jackpot, which has risen to $32 million because of strong sales, will be drawn on Saturday night 28th September 2013. It must be won meaning if no one wins first division, it is added to the prize pool of the the winners of the next-highest division. In 2008, five people won $6.1 million each and in 2011, two players won $17.4 million each. It’s a week of big prizes with a Christchurch resident winning $22.6 million in Big Wednesday’s jackpot.

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Lotto jackpots again

Bell Block Punters hoping for a quick life overhaul by scoring a cool $28 million will have to wait another week as tonight’s Powerball remains untouched. Next week’s draw will be the third largest Powerball prize ever won by an individual player. It is a “must be won draw”, with the maximum threshold for the Powerball First Division jackpot at $30m. But while no-one scored the big pot, eight players each walked away with $250,000 after winning Division 1 in Lotto.

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Extreme Heavy rain warning

Coats and brollies were compulsory wear in Bell Block and throughout Taranaki today and tomorrow 21/22nd September 2013. A weather warning remains in place for Bell Block and the whole of Taranaki through to Sunday morning with flooding in some places, the MetService says. Falls between 80-100mm are expected over much of Bell Block and Taranaki and between 150-200mm on the mountain. Northerly winds will be strong in exposed places, gusting to 30knots (60kmh). The heavy rain and thunderstorms can be expected into tomorrow morning easing to isolated showers during the morning. Winds turn to the north-west and remain fresh. Showers continue on Monday morning 23rd September 2013 with increasing fine breaks and westerly winds.

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Taranaki finds a team even worse – Bay of Plenty

Taranaki have won an error-riddled clash 21-3 with BOP tonight, Saturday, 21st September 2013, having a good patch early but fading away without providing much scoring threat. Played at Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth in poor conditions in front of a even smaller crowd.

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Shoot Out in Bell Block – Man in High Court

The man who was with Adam Morehu, when he was shot dead by police while allegedly burgling the New Plymouth Golf Club in Bell Block, has appeared in the New Plymouth High Court. Career criminal, Bishell pleaded not guilty to a charge of burglary this morning, Friday 20th September 2013. Bishell’s charge has been reduced from aggregated burglary, and a charge for firearm use against a law enforcement officer has been dropped. The judge accepts the Crown can’t be sure Bishell knew Morehu was carrying a gun. Adam Morehu was shot dead after he opened fire on officers in the early hours of June 8th 2013. Bishell’s been remanded on bail until he goes on trial in November 2013.

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A photo of Mt Egmont/Taranaki Like No Other

Here is another great photo of Mt Egmont/Taranaki. Thought it was worth sharing with you

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Goods needed for the Puketapu School garage sale

Puketapu School
The Puketapu School garage sale is this Saturday 14th September 2013. They still need donations to make it a success. Have a look around and see if you can send a couple of things along… some too small clothes, magazines, books you have read, toys you don’t need…. anything is helpful Please drop it into the office or if you have a large donation that needs collecting call Kim on (06) 755 1981

The garage sale is on Saturday. We still need donations to make it a success. Have a look around and see if you can send a couple of things along... some too small clothes, magazines, books you have read, toys you don't need.... anything is helpful Please drop it into the office or if you have a large donation that needs collecting call Kim on 755 1981





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A photo of Mt Egmont/Taranaki Like No Other

Can’t say we have seen any photo this good. However I am sure we could be wrong.

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50 Rules for Bell Block Dads of Bell Block Daughters!

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters!

We can’t take the credit! But here’s hoping our Bell Block daughters can look back at this list and say yes, he did do these things.

1. Love her mom.
2. Always be there
3. Save the day. She’ll grow up looking for a hero. It might as well be you.
4. Savor every moment you have together.
5. Pray for her.
6. Buy her a soccer ball and teach her to kick it.
7. She will fight with her mother. Choose sides wisely.
8. Go ahead. Buy her those pearls.
9. Of course you look silly playing peek-a-boo. You should play anyway.
10. Enjoy the wonder of bath time.
11. There will come a day when she asks for a puppy. Don’t over think it. At least one time in her life, just say, “Yes.”
12. It’s never too early to start teaching her about money.
13. Make pancakes in the shape of her age for breakfast on her birthday.
14. Buy her a pair of sneakers as soon as she starts walking. She won’t always want to wear matching shoes with her old man.
15. Dance with her.
16. Take her fishing.
17. Learn to say no.
18. Tell her she’s beautiful.
19. Teach her to change a flat tyre.
20. Take her camping.
21. Let her hold the wheel.
22. She’s as smart as any boy. Make sure she knows that.
23. When she learns to give kisses, she will want to plant them all over your face. Encourage this practice.
24. Knowing how to eat sunflower seeds correctly will not help her get into a good college. Teach her anyway.
25. Letting her ride on your shoulders is pure magic.
26. It is in her nature to make music. It’s up to you to introduce her to the joy of socks on a wooden floor.
27. If there’s a splash water park near your home, take her there often.
28. She will eagerly await your return home from work in the evenings. Don’t be late.
29. If her mom enrolls her in swim lessons, make sure you get in the pool too.
30. Never miss her birthday.
31. Teach her to roller skate.
32. Let her roll around in the grass.
33. Take her swimsuit shopping. Don’t be afraid to veto some of her choices, but resist the urge to buy her full-body beach pajamas.
34. Somewhere between the time she turns three and her sixth birthday, the odds are good that she will ask you to marry her. Let her down gently.
35. She’ll probably want to crawl in bed with you after a nightmare. This is a good thing.
36. Few things in life are more comforting to a crying little girl than her father’s hand. Never forget this.
37. Introduce her to the swings at your local park. She’ll squeal for you to push her higher and faster. Her definition of “higher and faster” is probably not the same as yours. Keep that in mind.
38. When she’s a bit older, your definition of higher and faster will be a lot closer to hers. When that day comes, go ahead… give it all you’ve got.
39. Holding her upside down by the legs while she giggles and screams uncontrollably is great for your biceps.
40. She might ask you to buy her a pony on her birthday. Unless you live on a farm, do not buy her a pony on her birthday. It’s OK to rent one though.
41. Take it easy on the presents for her birthday and Christmas. Instead, give her the gift of experiences you can share together.
42. Let her know she can always come home.
43. Remember, just like a butterfly, she too will spread her wings and fly some day.
44. Write her a handwritten letter every year on her birthday.
45. Learn to trust her.
46. When in doubt, trust your heart.
47. When your teenage daughter is upset, learning when to engage and when to back off will add years to YOUR life.
48. Ice cream covers over a multitude of sins. Know her favorite flavor.
49. The dating day is coming soon. There’s nothing you can do to be ready for it. The sooner you accept this fact, the easier it will be.
50. Today she’s walking down the driveway to get on the school bus. Tomorrow she’s going off to college. Don’t blink.”

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Happy Father’s Day – to the Dad’s of Bell Block

Father’s Day is today Sunday 1st September 2013. I hope those of you that have fathers who are still alive have made plans to show your dad how much you love him. So by all means call your Dad and tell him that you love him. Cook him some food and spend some time breaking bread as a family. This is really important. Also Happy Father’s Day to everyone for whom the day doesn’t mean quite the same as the greeting card companies would have you believe. It takes a village. Father’s Day can mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people. One thing is certain……we all have had one.

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