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Bell Block farmers resilient in face of milk price drop

Bell Block dairy farmers are expected to cope with Fonterra’s 20 cent reduction in its milk payout forecast for this season-2015. The dairy co-operative has announced a fall in its farmgate milk price from $4.70 to $4.50 per kilogram milksolids (kgMS). But Bell Block farmers were under less financial pressure than their South Island counterparts who had borrowed significantly for dairy conversions and who had high operating costs. Established in the industry, they had a low-cost structure and low debt, so they would break even at a $4 kgMS payout. While the drop would generate caution and uncertainty, dairy farmers could remain confident in the industry’s long-term future.

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DOC warns users of Bell Block Coastal Walkway

DOC is warning those visiting coastal areas to be wary of seals as they haul up on land during the winter months and can be dangerous. It’s seal attack season and coastal walkway and coast users are being warned to stay well clear. In the winter months seals haul up along the coastline to rest. Seal’s can lie in one spot for days before they’ll head back to the ocean. [People need to] stay at least 20 metres away and don’t get between them and the sea. Seals needed the rest and DOC staff could not chase every seal back into the ocean which meant those visiting coastal areas needed to be mindful of the potential hazards. Dog owners and those with young children to keep a close eye on them. DOC could be called if a seal was severely injured, entangled in debris or being harassed by people or dogs.

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Bell Block Rugby Fans – Ferdie Family Zone Membership

Bell Block Rugby Fans are now able to buy Season Tickets for the 2015 Season ITM Cup Taranaki rugby games of the Port Taranaki Bulls home games at Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth. Since the amazing feat of winning the 2014 ITM Cup things have quickly gone down hill for the TRFU. A total balls up saw less than a hundred people turn up to view the ITM Cup and players only 7 days after winning the Cup. A botched design for their new logo and name sees the top team called the Bulls. With a logo looking more like a famous USA Basketball team called Chicago Bulls there could be legal issues ahead. Going by the photo below Tenderlink are still going to be on the front of the Jersey’s. Show your support, buy your tickets now from: or call: (06) 759 0167

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Bell Block feels the Earthquake

Bell Block residents were rattled by an earthquake on Tuesday night 28th April 2015. The 4.1 magnitude quake struck about 8.26pm, at a depth of 9km and was located about 5km north-west of New Plymouth. There have been no reports of any damage in Bell Block yet. People reported hearing a roaring sound split seconds before a sudden jolt that rattled crockery on shelves. On Friday, 24th April 2015, a 6.4 magnitude quake, located about 35km north-west of Kaikoura, was also felt in Bell Block.

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2nd Chemist to open in Bell Block in May 2015

Bell Block is set to see it’s opening of it’s 2nd Chemist, on Bell Block Parade, opposite the Warehouse. Part of the nationwide chain, Unichem. The Chemist is called Unichem Bell Block Pharmacy. Services offered include – Prescription Services – Medicine Management – Vaccinations – Health Checks – Women’s Health – Smoking Cessation – Travel Services – Weight Management. The opening Hours are very Long – 7 Days – Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm, Saturdays & Sundays 9.00am to 1.00pm. The business is owned by the same owners as Unichem Inglewood Pharmacy.

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Record 5 Dead in 5 Days on Bell Block and New Plymouth Roads

Two men were killed in a crash in New Plymouth on Saturday 25th April 2015.The crash occurred on Frankley Rd,Westown about 4pm when a car collided with a pedestrian.Both the single male occupant of the vehicle and the male pedestrian were pronounced dead at the scene and their deaths have been referred to the coroner. The crash ends a horror week on the city’s roads, with the deaths bringing the toll since last Sunday 19th April 2015 to a Taranaki record of five killings on your roads.On Wednesday, Rachel Constance Smith, 86, and Pamela Mary Smith, 69, both died in the collision on an 80kmh straight stretch of State Highway 3, between Airport Dr and Wills Road, Bell Block. And, in the early hours of last Sunday 19th April , Andrew Maurice John Warren, 40, of Urenui, died when he smashed his car through a bridge barrier near Vivian St, New Plymouth, before falling about 5 meters and coming to rest in the car park below. Those three deaths have all been referred to the coroner.

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ANZAC Weekend Storm to hit Bell Block

New Zealand Metservice has issued a severe weather warning including the following information: Rain is expected to become heavy overnight Sunday 26th April 2015. In the 21 hours between 3am and midnight Monday 27th April 2015 expect 200-250mm to accumulate on Mt Egmont, with 100-120mm possible elsewhere, especially about North Taranaki and the eastern hill country. Northerlies are expected to rise to severe gales with gusts 120 km/h early Monday evening. It might be an ‘inside’ long weekend here in Bell Block!

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Bell Block Book Fair – Just 4 weeks away

The Bell Block and Districts Lions Club are wanting Books, puzzles, DVDs, records etc, as they are holding there 2nd Annual Book fair on 15th and 16th May 2015. This year all proceeds to go to the Air Ambulance Trust. Please contact Karen Betts on {06} 7554140 or Barrie Stening {06} 7578890 for free collection from your home or workplace.

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18 Fallen Bell Block Men named on Bell Block Cenotaph

We will remember them, The 18 young men named on Bell Block’s Cenotaph. Their names are etched in stone 100 years after the Gallipoli landings. We all pay homage to the brave men who never returned from World War One.

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Bell Block Cenotaph Anzac Day Service on the Cards for 2016

For just the 2nd time this century the cross’s were back up for ANZAC Day at the Bell Block Cenotaph. The crosses are now being looked after by the very active Bell Block and District Lions Club.Selwyn Williams(in the photo) is the project manager for this and said since he has lived in Bell Block from 1993 this is just the 2nd time the crosses have been displayed at the Bell Block Cenotaph. The plan is starting next year (2016) is that a service will be held at the Bell Block Cenotaph each and every year.

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Bell Block Residents still can’t get safe access to the Valley

John Matthews is yet to sign off on a 180-metre pathway across his company’s land which would allow Bell Block residents to reach The Valley shopping centre safely.
While the New Plymouth District Council has funding for the path, land compensation negotiations have not been settled and Matthews wants power cables to be buried underground before he’ll agree. The cost of burial is estimated at $300,000. John Matthews says people forget that no one has been denied access onto our internal roadway and people use it regularly – pedestrians and cyclists alike.” To suggest people have been forced onto Devon Rd is nonsense, Matthews said.
We at say that the NPDC are at fault. The Valley has been a total cock up planning wise. It was built without the Developer having to provide Public Toilets and without proper access for pedestrians from Bell Block. This is hardy the fault of Mr Matthews…

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Bell Block Sellers of Watercress needed

Does anyone know of a person or company that finds or grows Watercress in Bell Block, and can them sell it to shops. We have a Bell Block based company that wishes to buy some Watercress on a regular basis. Phone or Text us on: 027 2222 800

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4 x Bell Block Jobs

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Taranaki Muslim Centre moving out near Bell Block?

The Muslim Association of Taranaki Invites you to earn everlasting reward (Sadiqa Jariyah) by participating in building a much needed Islamic Center near Bell Block … Please Kindly DONATE generously for this Noble cause…. SHARE THIS and Spread the Word In Shaa Allah ….. Be a part of this Unlimited Blessings from Allah till the Day of Judgment … Remember you can also and always get your receipt from them as well so and you claim 33 % Tax Return on your Donation amount from IRD In Shaa Allah. It is Narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) Said: “Whoever Build the Mosque for Allah – Be it Large or small – Allah will build for him a house in Paradise .” (Sunan-Al-Tirmidhi)

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Bell Block’s Mayor Visit’s Tonight, Thursday 16th April 2015

Tonight, Thursday 16th April 2015 at 7pm at the Fred Tucker Hall, Parkland’s Avenue, Bell Block see’s the one term only Mayor Andrew Judd return to the venue were it was announced on his last visit by Mr Hugh Johnston that a Petition was being launched to bring down his bizarre crack pot idea of Maori Wards. How is Mayor Judd going to face the Returned Servicemen next week on ANZAC Day in the 100th year since the end of WWI. What will he say to them?, knowing that they and their comrades fought and died for the very same democracy, Mayor Judd thinks he can now destroy. Tonight’s meeting is the 8th of 9 in Community Conversation’s about the proposed Long Term Plan 2015-2025. You will also have the chance to discuss the New Plymouth District Blueprint. The Blueprint is the Council’s 30 year ‘big picture’ plan. Expect a enlightening meeting. Last meeting in Bell Block was a cracker!

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3 New Bell Block Jobs

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Bell Block Residents still waiting for News of Path

Money offered by one of New Plymouth’s largest’s philanthropist’s John Matthews for the Len Lye Centre’s plaza is a slap in the face, say Bell Block residents waiting for him to green light a path over his land. This week Matthews announced his company Technix Industries would contribute at least $290,000 to have a grand plaza built for the Big White Elephant Lyn Lye centre. However, the announcement has Bell Block residents reeling because Matthews is yet to sign off on a 180-metre pathway across his company’s land which would allow residents to reach The Valley shopping centre safely. An 1100 person petition has been delivered to the philanthropist with no re-action to date from Matthews. Matthews is known to being very,very difficult to deal with and is used to getting his own way. Time will tell how this thorny issue will play out.

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Residential Houses flood in Bell Block

A Friday night storm in Bell Block led to residential flooding and power cuts. After a day of heavy rainfall, thunder and lightning started in Bell Block about 8pm on Friday 10th April 2015. The fire service were called to two residential floods in Bell Block between 9pm and 10pm. The severe weather conditions also caused brief power cuts in Bell Block, Brixton, Fitzroy, Inglewood, Lepperton and Waitara areas about 8.50pm. Bell Block’s Weather is meant to stay fine on Saturday the 11th April 2015, but is forecasted to return to rain on Sunday 12th April 2015.

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Power Cuts hit Areas of Bell Block

A huge thunderstorm rolling past Bell Block tonight, Friday 10th April 2015 has caused a number of power outages and faults lodged with Powerco.
Areas include: Fitzroy, Waiwhakaiho, Airport, Bell Block, Brixton, Corbett Rd, De Havilland Dr, Huirangi, Hursthouse Rd, Inglewood, Lepperton, Manutahi Rd, McKechnies, Paraite Rd, Waitara.Powerco estimate that power will be restored by 11.30pm tonight.For further details you can follow here:

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Happy 2015 Easter to Everyone in Bell Block

Happy 2015 Easter to Everyone in Bell Block from all the team at

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