Some Bell Block Parents given a Helping Hand by the Government

Just a courtesy FYI note from your local Unichem Bell Block Pharmacy Owner Nai Yeat that some Bell Block families will see that from 1 July 2015, a number of important policies took effect that will help some Bell Block families get ahead and put more money back in their pocket. Changes include: Free GP visits and prescriptions for children under 13. This will benefit more than 750,000 children across the country. An increase in paid parental leave payments to $516.85 per week – they also increased paid parental leave to 16 weeks on 1st April 2015. More assistance for solo parents who are studying. The National government is committed to giving our youngest New Zealanders the best start in life, and that means ensuring they’re able to go to the doctor any time of the day or night without their parents having to worry about the cost.

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