Bell Block Post – Now only Delivered every 3 times a week

NZ Post is promising to keep on top of its game as changes to its service are leaving some Bell Block customers disgruntled. Among the changes are flash new delivery buggies and fewer delivery days, just 3 times a week. Their delivery changes have been carefully designed to ensure 95 per cent of standard mail is delivered within their target of three working days. When we caught up with this employee of NZ Post on Sunnyvale Street, Bell Block on Wednesday 5th August 2015.
We thought he was being bashful by covering his face up with the mail, but then the foul mouthed NZ Post worker just kept saying, just Fuck Off with the Camera.
We wouldn’t want him delivering our mail. We hope the standards of other NZ Post Office employees in Taranaki are a lot higher than this person.

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