Taranaki BMX TRUST issue a Warning to Feral Youth

In the 2nd event to hit Bell Block by Feral behavior in the last 2 days the Taranaki BMX Trust Inc, wish to remind all members of the public (the following) …. We are all keen to ride the new BMX facility at Hickford Park, Bell Block but at this point it remains a closed/gated facility for safety reasons. Please respect that the trust has Heath & Safety Regulations that it must adhere to & please don’t put this great facility at risk by stupidity! It’s sad that we have had to resort to getting security cameras in place due to a few disrespectful people. ALL viewing needs to remain behind the temp fencing. This World Class facility is going to be an amazing asset to our Bell Block community. If you see anyone there please remind them that for their own safety they cannot be inside the fence.

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