Bell Block is small town about 1km north of New Plymouth in Taranaki, New Zealand. It has its own identity with many Sports Clubs, Schools and plenty of things to do! Bell Block has it’s own shopping area and is home to small business, rural lifestyles and industry. Bell Block is an area of growth, with continued potential. It is also the location of New Plymouth Airport.

Bell Block Beach

Bell Block has its own beach, you can get to the beach by car, enjoy a picnic there or you can walk to the beach from the Mangati Walkway. In the centre of Bell Block, is a war memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives at war. 

Bell Block War Memorial

The area of Bell Block, was purchased in November 1848 by Francis Dillon Bell from the Puketapu iwi. The first purchase included 1,500 acres (610 ha) and more land was added, later on. Disagreements over the sale of the land were a cause of the First Taranaki War between English Settlers and Taranaki Maori. You can learn more about the early history of Bell Block at Puke Ariki Museum. Puke Ariki is an innovative museum, that combines the library and museum with interactive displays, exhibits and travelling shows. It is one of New Plymouth’s best tourist attractions.

Aerial View of Mt Taranaki and Bell Block.

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