Real Estate in Bell Block

Bell Block Real Estate and Property for Rent

Bell Block has a high level of real estate ownership. In Bell Block, 64.4 percent of houses are privately owned with or without a mortgage. This represents an increase on the level of house ownership in Taranaki because for the Taranaki Region as a whole, only 56.5 percent of households in private occupied houses own the home, with or without a mortgage. There are a wide variety of properties for rent in Bell Block.

There are a lot of real estate options for living in Bell Block, with a wide variety of rentals and homes. In total there are 1,461 households in Bell Block, compare this with the entire Taranaki region that has only 40,461 homes.

One-family households make up 72.7 percent of all houses in Bell Block, compared to 69.0 percent in Taranaki. In contrast there are less people that live by themselves in Bell Block. 21.8 percent of people live by themselves compared to 25.7 percent in all of Taranaki. The average household size in Bell Block is 2.7 people, compared with an average of 2.5 people for all of Taranaki Region.

All statistics were sourced from the 2006 NZ Census.
For more information about Bell Block real estate check out:

bell block real estate

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