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Dog’s Now Banned from Bell Block’s Taranaki Cycle Park & NP BMX Track

At the NPDC meeting on Wednesday 14th September 2016 they adopted an amendment to the council’s Dog Control Bylaw which bans dogs from the Bell Block based Taranaki Cycle Park and New Plymouth BMX Track at Hickford Park .The amendment also included a clause for dogs to be leashed along the Coastal Walkway extension to Tiromoana Crescent – meaning that any dog along the entirety of the walkway must be on a leash (about time). The NPDC received 10 public submissions on the proposed amendment – eight submitters were in favour of the dog ban at both bike tracks, however only half of the submitters supported dogs being leashed on the extension of the walkway out to Tiromoana Cres. Deputy mayor Heather Dodunski said it was a “good, common sense decision”, which responded to concerns brought to council about the safety of the bike track users at Bell Block’s Hickford Park. Now let’s get dog’s banned from Bell Block Beach!!

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