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Another Day, Another Serious Car Crash in Bell Block

Bell Block has had it’s 3rd major Car Accident in the past few days, this time, again the Black Spot strikes on the Corner of Mangati and State Highway 3 (Devon Road). The major Accident happened around 5.55pm between 2 cars, who somehow didn’t manage to block the road when the cars came to rest. Fire Engines,Ambulances and a heap of Police Cars attended the accident.
We happened to be on the spot, and helped out until the reinforcements arrived. The Police commented the major factor that no one recently has been killed in Bell Block in these types of accident;s is due to the 80KM speed limit. People would be dead if they were traveling at 100KM. There were no serious injuries, but one of the drivers needed attention from the Ambulance Crews.

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Another Major Car Crash in Bell Block

Police, fire and ambulance staff were called to the scene, at the intersection of Mangati Rd and Sunnyvale St, about 8am on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 after a truck and car collided. The car was waiting to turn right onto Mangati Rd, from Sunnyvale St when the crash occurred. The truck driver was turning right into Sunnyvale St, from Mangati Rd, when he was affected by the glare and hit the front of the car. The 46-year-old female driver of the car and her two teenager daughters were all taken to Taranaki Base Hospital by St John ambulance to be checked out as a precaution, and were discharged from Hospital. Sunnyvale St was cordoned off for a period of time but later re-opened.

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Another Car Crash at Bell Block Black spot.

Two cars have crashed in Bell Block partially blocking Mangati Rd just off State Highway 3. Emergency services were called to the intersection of Mangati Road and SH3, at Bell Block, New Plymouth around 1pm on Saturday 20th February 2016, a Bell Block police spokesman said. Two people were taken to the Taranaki Base Hospital with minor injuries.

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