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Heather Dodunski for Mayor sign/s are up in Bell Block

Now that the Window has closed for who wants to be Mayor of the New Plymouth District Council the signs will start to pop up in and around Bell Block. First off the rank is Heather Dodunski who is game and put all her money on for a win only. Heather is not standing for council after being on the council over the last 2 Century’s. If you think it pays to have experience it would be hard to look past her. However if you are from the camp that thinks, hang on a minute, Heather has been on the Council for just under 20 years, and represents everything wrong with the past 20 years, you might not tick her box on the Ballot Paper. At least this time around we know that Heather is all for Maori Wards being brought in, she was one of the YES voter’s around the Council table. Thats good enough for us here not to vote for her, as she appeared to be blind to 83% of the voting public’s opinion. The voting Public will decide shortly.

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