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NZ Army land at Bell Block…..Airport

A C-130 Hercules landed at Bell Block’s, New Plymouth Airport on Monday 3rd November 2014 to deploy troops to ‘hunt insurgents’ in Whangamomona. The 140 soldiers who piled out of the rear of the aircraft are part of a large-scale military exercise, Kiwi Koru, that will invade Taranaki for the next month.The scenario involves soldiers aiming to restore peace between two fictitious nations, requiring them to secure civilian centres before heading along the Forgotten World Highway to track down insurgents. Yesterday, soldiers secured the area, as if having arrived in a foreign country, and crouched with rifles at the ready as curious members of the public peered through the airport fence. The Royal New Zealand Air Force will work alongside the New Zealand Army and the United States Marine Corps during the exercise, with helicopters and the Hercules involved in troop and supply movements.

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